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Syria: 73 dead from the sinking of a boat with migrants near Tartous

The Syrian authorities have identified the dead bodies of at least 73 people who were on board a boat he was transporting Immigrants and which sank after leaving Lebanon on Thursday, Syrian Health Minister Hassan al-Wubah said in a statement.

“According to the still provisional count, the death toll from the shipwreck of the vessel amounts to 73, while 20 people have been taken to hospital al-Bassel” of Tartous, Wubach explained.

The Syrian authorities began to locate bodies in the sea off the coast of Tartous, yesterday Thursday night, however, as reported by APE-MPE, they still have not clarified what happened to the boat. The country’s transport ministry, citing survivors, announced that the ship had left Munich for the northern Lebanon on Thursday with 120 to 150 passengers and destination Europe.

Due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, one of the worst in the world since 1850, many are trying to leave the country. In addition to the Lebanese, the ships are often boarded by people who are already refugees from Syria and Palestine.

Source: News Beast

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