SYRIZA: ENFIA, profit tax and relief for ‘Mitsotaki commitments’

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By Niki Zorba

What is left yesterday from another summit clash in Parliament between the Prime Minister and the President of SYRIZA? An ENFIA, a front for government policy with a controversial “taxation” of powerful players and a clear political corridor for the next period of war and war in Ukraine.

Which means that with “so much more you can rebuild it”.

ENFIA and support measures

Alexis Tsipras in his speech yesterday created the impression that his party will vote for the reduction of ENFIA “and the last euro that will relieve the Greek citizen “We will vote for it,” said his parliamentary group, bewildered by the change of “line”, given that SYRIZA has charged so much to the Government for its choices for the reductions in ENFIA, which it assessed as a “gift” to the privileged property owners.

A clarification by Efi Ahtsioglou, responsible head of Finance, blew the landscape: We are voting against the bill in principle, we declare ourselves present in two articles. An opera was performed in the roll call vote that followed.

Alexis Tsipras answered “yes, we will vote in favor” to the question of the prime minister about the attitude that SYRIZA will take, but it did not refer to ENFIA. He referred to the support measures for the energy crisis. Measures that Koumoundourou has been saying for days that she is not going to vote against them even though they are “retaliation”, “crumbs”, “insufficient” and so on.

End of a relevant episode with the absolutely useful reminder from now on by the Government that SYRIZA voted against the reliefs in ENFIA.

The taxation of super profits

The “skyrocketing” profits of the power generators (favorite characterization of Alexis Tsipras who is always accompanied by the clarification “I do not say what the Commission says), had the lion’s share in yesterday’s bra de fer with Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

SYRIZA remains firmly skeptical and suspicious about the premium from the Government of “energy cartels” and notoriety, even after yesterday’s commitment of the Prime Minister that will legislate an extraordinary contribution for the super profits of the companies with 90% to be returned to the Greek State.

According to Koumoundourou, Mr. Mitsotakis’s commitment was a product of “pressure from Alexis Tsipras who spoke of” retroactive effect and to be based on RAE data and not the balance sheets that will be published “, with the SYRIZA president citing According to the same sources, the Prime Minister’s statement that awaits data from the Energy Regulatory Authority because “Maximou receives them every day”.

The countermeasure “RAE – company balance sheets” is revealing of SYRIZA’s suspicion about the data that will appear.

Elections and electoral law

The clear political corridor for the next period described by the Prime Minister in his speech, reiterating – once again – that the elections will be held at the end of four years and the second with the election law recently passed by the government and does not intend to change it again, offered great joy and satisfaction to SYRIZA.

In Koumoundourou, they consider that these are commitments from which, if Mr. Mitsotakis withdraws in the next period, he will be irreparably exposed: If he changes the electoral law, “he not only denies his polling superiority, but also confirms his collapse”.

Source: Capital

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