SYRIZA in the administration of ELPE: Interventions are needed to reduce costs in fuel-electricity

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SYRIZA Delegation-Progressive Alliance with Socrates Famellos, Head of Environment and Energy, Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, Head of Labor and Social Affairs, and George Alexandrou, Coordinator of the Prefectural Committee Andrea Siamissi, as well as executives of the Hellenic Petroleum Administration, which was held on the initiative of SYRIZA-PS and key issues are the cost of fuel and electricity, the Group’s strategy, especially regarding the green transition, hydrocarbon exploration and labor relations .

The representatives of SYRIZA-PS presented the stable and non-negotiable view of SYRIZA-PS regarding the role of the ELPE group in the national economy and in the social and economic operation of our country, the need for public control and the strategy and operation of the group and the need for a majority representation of the State in the management of the Group, a majority dismissed by the Mitsotakis government.

Regarding fuel costs, the representatives of SYRIZA-PS reiterated the proposal of the official opposition to reduce the Special Consumption Tax on fuel, a measure that is already applied in other European countries, while pointing out that the government measure for subsidizing diesel, 12 minutes at refineries for the month of April did not have the expected cost reduction results for the final consumer. They discussed in detail with the management of ELPE the possibility of interventions to reduce the tax burden and refining margin, the financial results of the group, as well as the increase of public revenues from the recent crisis of accuracy and fuel and the obligation to return these unjust public revenue to consumers.

The representatives of SYRIZA-PS focused on the issue of scandal in the wholesale electricity market, where Greece continues to record European firsts in recent days, and especially on the role of vertical producers, including Elpedison, in which they have a share. the ELPE. They insisted on the need to control and regulate the electricity market, to deal with distortions and the need to impose a ceiling on the pre-market, by establishing a minimum profit margin based on the variable cost of each unit and the obligation of bilateral contracts and hedging tools.

In matters of labor relations, the representatives of SYRIZA-PS pointed out the importance of absolute transparency and meritocracy in the recruitment and selection of executives in the Group, emphasizing the bad experience from the practices followed with the recruitment of blue children in PPC and HEDNO. They also noted the need to ensure the participation of employees in the Board of Directors of the Group and not only in the individual companies, as well as the completion of negotiations for the collective labor agreement in ASPROFOS, a company of the ELPE Group. They also stressed the need to consolidate trust between Management and employees, and stated that they will continue to monitor and highlight issues related to employment relationships in the Group.

Finally, they discussed with the representatives of the Administration the participation of ELPE in the hydrocarbon explorations, the strategy of ELPE for this field, the researches in the marine areas and their environmental characteristics, as well as the developments and the planning of the researches in the western and southwestern regions. Crete, where investigations have been delayed for three years, something that was not commented on in the recent communication announcements of the Prime Minister.

It is noted that SYRIZA-PS had also requested a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Union of Greek Petroleum Workers (PSEEP), which could not be held today, and will be scheduled after Easter.

Source: Capital

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