SYRIZA: ‘Mitsotaki government consciously endangers the health of students and teachers’

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“The Mitsotaki government is consciously endangering the health of students, teachers and society as a whole,” SYRIZA-PS said, commenting on government announcements on school opening.

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“The Mitsotaki government has decided to open the schools as it closed them,” SYRIZA said, adding: “It continues the same policy that has led the country to the health tragedy. “It is obvious to everyone that the government rejects the opinion of scientists and decides with the sole criterion of avoiding measures of support to society.”

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She goes on to say that “her decisions will turn schools back into hotspots and transmit the virus into homes, to parents and the elderly. They do not even revise the dangerous 50 + 1 protocol. “It was never a suggestion of the committee of scientists but a government decision. Ms. Kerameos and Mr. Mitsotakis put their signatures and are solely responsible for what follows.”

SYRIZA insists that “schools must operate safely, which means fewer children per department and a different protocol than the completely inadequate for the criticality of the announced situation” and concludes: “They did not take into account the “measures proposed in time by SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance. The only solution is political change”.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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