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SYRIZA-PS: We achieved significant improvements in the bill for the Elefsina Shipyards

SYRIZA-PS “succeeded and achieved significant improvements in the s/n of the Ministry of Development & Investments” the parliamentary group of SYRIZA-PS emphasizes in today’s announcement, regarding the passing, yesterday, of the bill entitled “Sanitation of the Elefsina Shipyards and other provisions of a developmental nature”.

As he states in his announcement, SYRIZA-PS “was and remains the political force that has the needs of the many as its priorities. Having already laid the foundations since 2018, with the planning of the Elefsina Shipyards’ consolidation process and the MoU with candidate investor in 2019, the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance managed and achieved significant improvements in the Ministry of Development & Investments’ s/n in the direction of safeguarding the public interest, the development sign of the investment, the securing of jobs and the repayment of employees’ accrued wages” .

He even notes that “in its original form, the s/n had many and significant problems. After coordinated actions, substantial interventions and the submission of documented proposals during the parliamentary process, we achieved:

1) Ensuring the repayment of accruals and compensations and their disentanglement from the assignments of State equipment programs.

2) Provision for the preservation of jobs and the addition of a reference to the agreement of the workers with the investor with the commitment to sign a Collective Labor Agreement.

3) The commitment to create twice as many jobs within two years.

4) The definition of timely repayment of the employees, from the indefinite and unspecified time, in repayment of 30% of what is owed with the date of validation and the remaining 70% within 4 months after the completion of the transfers.

5) The provision of information and an opinion by the Production & Trade committee of the Parliament, of the final consolidation agreement and not a blank authorization to the Minister of Development before filing it in the Courts, where we will express our final opinion”.

Finally, he underlines that SYRIZA-PS “proved for the umpteenth time that it remains the most responsible and reliable political force whose aim is to strengthen the national development perspective in terms of equality, justice and social welfare.

The political force that has substantive, realistic and workable proposals. Proposals-solutions to governmental impasses”.

Source: Capital

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