SYRIZA: Scenes from a ‘change’ conference, the next difficult day and the Al. Tsipras

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By Niki Zorba

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If one catches the “project” from the end to the beginning, SYRIZA yesterday, as soon as the conference ry fell, showed the inherent difficulties it is called to manage: The internal opposition is clearly reluctant to delivered to 74% of Alexis Tsipras. Suspicion and dualism came (years now) to stay inside SYRIZA.

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It was ruined in the vote on the statute. “Kouvari “became Skourletis, Tsakalotos, Tzanakopoulos and Tsipras came to the end to whistle the end of the” emergency “.

Just a few minutes ago, Mr. Tsipras closed in a solemn way the work of the 3rd conference: Let us all go together for the victory, next bet – qualifying for the national elections the ballot box of May 15 (election of president and JV by the members), we do not compromise, we will not make the same mistakes and other reports of self-criticism and restart.

Conclusion: One of the same for the Umbrella that gives battle to trenches and does not intend – even now – to give about 25% to the president and his goals. One of the same for SYRIZA in general, which simply reaffirmed the rift within? Not exactly.

Alexis Tsipras “took” the conference, got the green light for the changes that began 2.5 years ago for the “government”, enlarged SYRIZA, without difficulty. He also bets on the momentum where the conference took place: SYRIZA (albeit somewhat) goes up in the polls and the government falls. The slogan: “Political change – Let’s govern” is such an adhesive force that does not leave much room inside for moves that could be interpreted as “undermining” by the internal opposition. Already yesterday, after the samata with the vote for the statute, a few orgy comments were circulated: What do they finally want in Umbrella? Shall we not rule again? ”

The minority, however, neither intends to leave the party nor to resign from its positions: “We are a strong discrete trend, “We can record a good performance in the correlations of the new central committee”, say its executives.

The battle in general, continues and “clearings” within the party, did not exist.

Tsakalotos, Xanthos and the “Polaki pole”

There was a lot of parapolitical interest during the conference. In essence, in one direction only: I was carrying out orders from Alexis Tsipras – the pillow would not be given to society whether it was smaller or larger, there were fiscal commitments, he said Euclid Tsakalotos.

I did not decide on my own the line of SYRIZA towards the Pandemic and the memoranda, whoever does not agree (dld Polakis) let him ask the President to speak, said Andreas Xanthos, having at his side consultants from the think tank of Alexis Tsipras: Gerotziafa and Iliopoulos.

The same thing that Panos Skourletis said in a way – he probably implied -: Do we question Tsipras or the one who disagrees with his basic political positions and lines?

THE Pavlos Polakis however, it does not stumble upon such dilemmas. He appeared at the conference applauding knowing “apotheosis” from his group (numerous, without discussion) and actually became the “rival awe” to the minority: One after another, the Umbrella executives, in their own peaks and challenges responded. After May 15, the president will “weigh” this new dipole within the party (and how … comfortable he feels with it).

Alexis Tsipras: “Firefighting” and messages to seafarers

THE Alexis Tsipras opened the conference with a speech – invitation to win the elections, with the submission of proposals and partial self-criticism, without spikes for the internal party opposition and closed them, in his decision, enriching it with messages:

1. Voting for the presidency will be an informal referendum on the possibility of overturning political affiliations. Commonly, it will “show” if we have the conditions to win the election. Undoubtedly, he set the bar high for SYRIZA.

2. It is not “parochology” that we propose. He appeared apologetic in some way on this, citing examples from the past, where his proposals had been implemented despite the memorandum commitments. It is a matter of “credibility” not to register the party as “maximalist” and how it feeds hares again.

3. He said to P. Polaki, N. Pappas, T. Christodoulopoulou: “No”. Not in the placement of our own children in the state, not in the control of Justice, not in the control of the media. “We have learned from our mistakes and we will not repeat them,” the message said.

Source: Capital

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