SYRIZA: The ‘coat’ Polaki for the monoclonal and the ’emptying’ Gerotziafa

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By Niki Zorba

Yesterday was the third or fourth time that Alexis Tsipras referred publicly attacking the Government, the need for the Prime Minister to take “difficult decisions” for the pandemic and if he can not take them “to leave”. This time, the statements were made “on the field”: In a surprise visit at the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki.

The “difficult decisions” which he implies – for the time being – but does not express openly, are in the grip of his teeth, include the extension of the obligation to vaccinate and other professional groups such as Security bodies, etc., as has already mentioned in a relevant article

Support for the “difficult measures” has already been linked by the main opposition party to its proposal to manage the pandemic committee of experts. In other words, he is asking the government for a “confession of failure” for the pandemic. Meanwhile, the fourth wave is attacking fiercely, hospitals are emitting sos, cases are skyrocketing and predictions will be human losses, as well. It is in this context that the president of SYRIZA raises the tone and keeps the pandemic high on his opposition agenda, at the same time supporting vaccination, keeping at the forefront of his opposition spear at the same time, the strengthening of the NSS.

We all have to be more careful, to wear our masks, not to behave as if the pandemic with which we were vaccinated is over, even though the government in its superficiality told us that it is an “Freedom” operation, you were vaccinated and you are finished. And most importantly, “Let us all hurry for the third installment, in order to reduce this great burden that the Health system has today and, above all, to reduce the deaths”, said Hippocrates, concluding a policy for them: if they can not, they should leave. (This will be repeated by A. Tsipras as it seems, for a series of issues that are on the opposition agenda of SYRIZA:

“If he (the prime minister) can not make difficult decisions, if he can not persuade citizens to get vaccinated, if he can not manage the pandemic in terms of protection against public health and citizens, then it is better to leave. to save as many of our fellow citizens as we can. ”

Gerotziafas, monoclonal and … Polakis

In the meantime, however, they still exist in SYRIZA “two lines” in relation to the infamous monoclonal, which he is still wearing Pavlos Polakis, in the past and at the expense of the necessity of vaccination.

Yesterday, in his well-known style, Chania MP Pavlos Polakis, through his Facebook profile, said one of the same:

“Pavlos Polakis
18 hrs. ·
I AM TALKING ABOUT THE LAST TIME… and from now on “GAI PYRI MIXTHITO” if you do not listen !!!
1) Start the administration of monoclonal and molnupiravir immediately! PROVIDE SUFFICIENT QUANTITIES for the next 3-4 months.
“There is an algorithm for their administration !! Take the one they use in France !!”, he said, among other things.

Almost “photographic”, however, was the emptiness reserved for him by professor of hematology at the Sorbonne, interlocutor of Alexis Tsipras and one of the technocrats who will staff the “think tank” of the president of SYRIZA, Grigoris Gerotziafas.

In his article entitled: “The 11 + 3 measures that must be taken here and now to prevent lockdown” (ieidiseis) about the measures that must be taken in order not to develop even more dramatically for our country the pandemic, thanks to “D” mutation, Mr. Gerotziafas, was very clear about monoclonal:

“The monoclonal antibodies were designed against the original Whuan strain and their effectiveness is reduced by about 40% against executive D. Primary care structures need to be set up immediately and no “give the medicine to the people” slogan, the professor wrote, concluding on this:

“So there needs to be a substantial public awareness campaign with the responsibility of the medical community to dispel myths that divide citizens and create a climate for the development of anti-vaccine circles.”

Clear and understandable for “who is ringing the bell”.


-SYRIZA-PS: “With the positivity index at 6.4%, does Mr. Mitsotakis insist that the pandemic has not escaped?”


Source From: Capital

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