SYRIZA: ‘The far-right descent of the ND continues with broken brakes’

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SYRIZA PS blames the ND for the “extreme right-wing descent” that “continues with broken brakes”.

It states that “after the search for “internal enemies” and foreign forces that allegedly seek to destabilize the country on the occasion of the surveillance scandal, they now invoke the same arguments in front of the refugee drama in Evros”.

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In particular, the official opposition reports that “the secretary of Greeks of the Diaspora of the ND Nikos Theodoropoulos calls on the Greeks of the diaspora to share a message according to which SYRIZA-PS in collaboration with NGOs and foreign states are cooperating with the aim of destabilizing the Mitsotakis government by dispersing fake news about the refugees in Evros”. SYRIZA notes that “they are the same people who said two days ago that there are no refugees, but suddenly yesterday they were found on Greek soil” and “the same people who in the last few days tried to turn the public debate into a far-right channel of devaluing human existence that refers in the dark days of Golden Dawn action”.

SYRIZA emphasizes that “such views that have been condemned in the conscience of the majority of the Greek people have returned in recent days as the central narrative of the ND”. In addition, he accuses the ND that “they do not hesitate to involve and divide even the Greeks of the Diaspora to serve their wretched small-party pursuits”.

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In the same high tones, SYRIZA claims that “they are building an authoritarian regime, they are discrediting the institutions and the rule of law and, by extension, they are defaming the country all over the world. In the face of their dead ends, they are selling conspiracies for internal enemies”.

The official opposition states that “the moment is not long when, through a democratic and social renaissance, the citizens will make the inhuman regime of Mr. Mitsotakis a thing of the past”.

Source: Capital

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