SYRIZA: They see ‘stuff’ everywhere and fight to unite the two worlds within them

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By Niki Zorba

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The term “bahalo” in terms of characterizing the major actions of the government, is particularly popular with SYRIZA. Talks about “stuff” in Health, pandemic management, schools, to be precise, he finally sees a mess and misunderstanding between the government ministers in their positions on hot current issues, in this case, the “hurricane” of the Omicron mutation.

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Great unrest, wonderful situation for Koumoundourou what is happening in the last days due to the new mutation and its accomplices: New measures, challenge for Maximou the opening of schools, the collection of fines for the unvaccinated, the predictions for when it will pass … last mile of the pandemic and in-depth accuracy and explosive rise in electricity bills.

Two worlds

In the meantime, the discussion for the extension of the compulsory vaccination for the ages over 50 now opens, where there is also a difficulty in making a final decision on how and when. Of course, this discussion is not so pleasant for SYRIZA, since they will reopen “wounds” that had closed as they did, with the decision of Alexis Tsipras to call for elections. Not everyone in SYRIZA is against compulsory vaccination of categories of citizens. This has been known since the opening of the debate on the obligation for those over 60, but party officials are taking care to remind it, as Nikos Bistis did recently.

Beyond that, however, Koumoundourou, despite her own internal issues and pending issues to work out on the way to the conference (there are two worlds within SYRIZA that are fighting in a way for their dominance -mainly but not only- regarding the physiognomy of the party), she is convinced that time “flows” in her favor.

The coexistence of the two opposite worlds within its ecosystem, after all, even with a fake and very often (if) familiar fire, becomes (for the time being) obligatorily noble, even superficially, in the name of the group and the goal: Let the government leave .

Are they concerned about polls and the formation of new balances after the election of Nikos Androulakis at the helm of KINAL?

The new president of the “neighboring” area is being closely monitored (a first controversy has already been recorded on the occasion of the pricing in the pcr tests) but associates of Alexis Tsipras insist on the assessment that he will not repatriate Syriza votes but “blue”.

For the polls now, the line of defense is unwavering: “We will see in the elections what percentage SYRIZA will record and the fairy tales will end”. It is a common secret, however, that they watch the polls with great care and have “metabolized” the idea that in the next ballots of the simple analog, the ND will cut the thread by a difference, first. However, they “bet” on a single-digit difference – and such – that allows a combative presence in the second ballot box.


Source From: Capital

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