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Corona Virus News: Anti Lockdown Protests Flare up in Italy

The second wave of the Corona Virus has hit Italy hard, taking the total death toll to a staggering 37,479. To deal with the situation, the Italian government has placed restrictions on businesses and citizens once again. This move has been met with great anger from the Italian citizens and anti lockdown protests have flared up across the country.

A Thursday session rich in economic indicators

Like every Thursday since the health crisis exploded, operators will be watching for weekly jobless claims tomorrow in the United States for the week ended October 3 . Once again, they will remain below the million mark, but, at 820,000 expected, against 837,000 last week, the ebb will be only very...

Around 2 million babies are born stillborn each year worldwide

Each year, nearly 2 million infants are born stillborn, or one infant every 16 seconds. "A terrible tragedy for a family, a tragedy too often lived in silence, and too frequent in the whole world", deplores the UN in a report published on Thursday. This represents almost...

Agriculture: IFAD wants to double its impact in poor countries by 2030

By obtaining the AA + rating by Fitch, the International Fund for Agricultural Development aims to strengthen its financial resources in the coming years. Objective: to help twice as many farmers in poor countries within 10 years. Faced with the risk of a food crisis that...