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Corona Virus News: Anti Lockdown Protests Flare up in Italy

The second wave of the Corona Virus has hit Italy hard, taking the total death toll to a staggering 37,479. To deal with the situation, the Italian government has placed restrictions on businesses and citizens once again. This move has been met with great anger from the Italian citizens and anti lockdown protests have flared up across the country.

Gabon has taken the Covid-19 shock

" We were faced with a second exogenous economic shock in six years ." Jean-Marie Ogandaga, Minister of the Economy, Prospective and Development Programming of Gabon, thus summarizes the impact of Covid-19 this year on his country during a visit to Paris last week. The pandemic has not...

India’s Central Bank predicts 9.5% plunge in growth this year

"The tide is turning, which suggests that it is not unwise to dream of better days even in the darkest times," Shaktikanta Das said in a video conference Friday. In his poetic impetus, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) sought to be optimistic. But...

Pubs and restaurants: the United Kingdom sets up a partial unemployment plan at regional level

With local confinement, regional employment support plan! Finance Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday announced the establishment of a new short-time working plan aimed at helping restaurant and pub workers in areas where they are forced to close by anti-Covid restriction measures of the government. This new device...