Taking a booster dose with a different vaccine is safe, says infectologist

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In an interview with CNN, infectologist Álvaro da Costa, from the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo, emphasized the safety of receiving different doses of vaccines against Covid-19. The speech comes after the Ministry of Health reduce the interval for the application of booster, which, depending on the case, can be an immunizing agent different from the initial doses.

“The exchange of technologies is possible, safe and has shown satisfactory results in studies carried out around the world”, said Costa.

With the announcement of Health, the new interval for those over 18 years old to take the third dose is five months. The immunizers that will be used are from AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Janssen.

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According to the infectologist, this is an important strategy to ensure good indicators during the coronavirus pandemic. “This expansion of the vaccine is welcome,” he said.

“It’s a stimulation of the immune system [a dose de reforço], so that the level of response that dropped back to a high level.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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