Tammy Parra announces her breakup just a few days after getting engaged

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The content creator Tammy Parra decided to announce her breakup just a few days after getting engaged in Paris, France, with her boyfriend because, apparently, he was unfaithful with another influencerswho was in charge of showing the evidence of infidelity.

Visibly affected, Tammy declared on her networks that she had waited a bit, because she wanted to be sure of what was happening. In addition, she expressed that in her life she has a golden rule that consists of letting go of people who do not love or respect her.

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Tammy Parra and Omar Núñez posing elegantly dressed outside a garden

Tammy was happy because her boyfriend Omar Núñez had just proposed to her in the City of Light, in an emotional romantic moment.

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But a few hours after announcing the brand new engagement, a user of OnlyFans, who identifies herself as Andy Caballero, revealed on her networks that Omar had been sending her quite risqué messages on Instagram.

To show she wasn’t lying, she posted the alleged messages as evidence and the story quickly went viral. However, Tammy was still silent.

In addition, several girls joined Andy’s complaint, assuring that he had also sent such messages to them, but that they supposedly had no evidence because Omar had activated the ephemeral mode on the platform so that they were automatically deleted.

In the face of all the controversy that arose, Internet users asked Tammy to give her position on the matter. Steeling herself, she decided to speak, mentioning that just as she made her relationship public, she would now tell what was happening to her.

With the pain of the world, I decided to end my relationship. I am a woman who does not need anyone and less than a man. I know perfectly well what I deserve and in my life I have a golden rule, let go of people who don’t value me and don’t respect me.

Source: Okchicas

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