Tania Cagnotto almost a mother bis: “She will be called Lisa or Isabel”

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There are a few weeks left before delivery, e Tania Cagnotto couldn’t be happier. The last photo shows her in front of a snowy landscape, her hand on her belly, the usual smile: «90%» and the emoticon of a bomb, the only caption to underline the explosive mood. And who asks “Are we here?” as his friend Aldo Montano (also soon a dad bis) answers «Almost».

For the former blue diver and her husband Stefano Parolin there is a little girl on the way, the second daughter later Maya, who turned three on January 23. La baby could be called Lisa or Isabel, as told by Tania in an interview with Today, “But for Maya she is already” Lisa “and most likely will be called that”. The eldest daughter would already seem very excited about the idea of ​​becoming an older sister: «Maya is already super excited, hugs her belly, says she will do everything for her little sister. But I expect moments of crisis and jealousy ».

The news of the second pregnancy Tania had given it via social media at the end of August, together with that of the definitive withdrawal from competitive life, also thanks to the postponement of Tokyo 2020 due to the pandemic. “I told you that around September I would decide whether or not to continue my way to Tokyo. On the one hand, the desire to participate in my sixth Olympics as a mother, with the great dream of carrying the flag, and, on the other, the desire to expand the family. This time I chose life, family», Tania had written on Instagram revealing her reasons. “Soon after fate wanted to give me a new life inside me. I know that many of you wanted to see me once again on the trampoline and I’m sorry to have disappointed you, but in this lockdown, as has happened to so many others, I had time to reflect and understand what was most important to me. I didn’t have that willpower anymore (which has guided me for 20 years) to commit myself and sacrifice myself in the way an Olympics requires it ».

In autumn, then, Tania had revealed the sex of the baby, posting a nice photo with Maya: “It’s female again.” No regrets for what could have been and was not. And it couldn’t be otherwise. After a life spent for sport, it is right that there is also space for the private sector, and the fans have understood this. There is a diving school in Bolzano on the program. The trampoline remains a great passion.

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