TaskFocus – Tasks & To-Dos with Time 1.002

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TaskFocus allows you to easily and conveniently focus on tasks and tasks, as well as take into account the time spent on them.

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The application will be very useful for those who are constantly planning something in their mind, whether it is personal or related to your work. TaskFocus will not let your cases get lost and will improve your productivity.

Now your head will have more space for the most important, thanks to TaskFocus, thanks to which you can easily plan any of your day.

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Task list

— A simple and convenient form for adding new tasks.

– Convenient work with your task list.

– Convenient task search in the application allows you to find any tasks that are lost. There is a search both by text and by date of tasks.

Focus on the task

– The application allows you to focus on completing a specific task from your list, with the ability to select a melody that allows you to better concentrate on the task.

Convenient statistics

– The application contains simple and informative statistics on the completion of tasks, the time they were completed, and statistics on overdue tasks.

Choice of design

– The application supports the choice of design that suits you.

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