Taxsee Driver – work in a taxi 3.19.1

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A service for those who want to make money on a car, recoup the cost of its maintenance or start their own business in the field of transportation. Work with several taxi companies at once without being tied to the office and according to a free schedule.

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You can choose convenient orders from the list using filters by tariff and end point of the route. Or turn on the mode in which the service automatically offers the nearest orders, and fulfill them one by one. This way you can earn more while saving time and fuel.

Different types of tariffs help to accurately calculate the cost of an order. The fixed price is known in advance. For billing by time and kilometers, a taximeter is used. If during the trip the passenger changed the route or asked to wait, it is easy to edit the order and calculate the price according to his wishes.

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All actions necessary for work can be performed without visiting offices. For example, replenish a personal account from a bank card, undergo a photo inspection of a car.

In emergency situations, it is possible to call other drivers for help using the panic button.

A functional application makes working in a taxi convenient. Interactive training will help you quickly master all its features.

For those who often travel to other cities and are looking for applications like Intercity Travel Companion, there is Joint Travel. There is no commission on them, so the driver compensates for fuel costs when, for example, he fulfills a long-distance order and goes back without passengers. It is enough to create an order and wait for a fellow traveler to join.

Joint trips will help in different cases: fellow travelers often choose intercity, suburb, region – for example, to get from the city to the regional center. So far, the option is available to residents of the Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions, but soon it will be possible to create a trip in other regions.

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