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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together? Athlete talks about the singer in an interview

There is a “white space” when it comes to information about what is going on with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. In the ongoing quest to find out if there is a “love story,” “NFL+” host Andrew Siciliano recently asked the player some questions about whether it was true that he tried to give her his phone number with a friendship bracelet.

“I said what I said. And I meant what I said when I said that. And you know what, it is what it is,” said the Kansas City Chiefs player. “I’m not going to talk about my personal life… I know what you writers want to hear, and you want to hear more about it, and I’m not going to give you anything.”

When Siciliano tried to press him by asking if Swift had been in touch, Kelce cheerfully responded, “And that’s going to end here with the NFL.”

People continue to be “delighted” with the possibility of the couple happening. The athlete’s brother, Jason Kelce, was asked during a recent interview about speculation that his brother is romantically involved with the pop star. “I saw these rumors, I can’t comment,” Jason said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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