Taylor Swift Releases Short Film, Fans Associate Story with Actor Jake Gyllenhaal

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Taylor Swift broke the internet on Friday (12).

The singer not only re-released “Red”, a 2012 album which, this time, is called “Red (Taylor’s Version) [Versão da Taylor]), but also released a short film that left fans speechless.

The movie is called “All Too Well”, the same name as the song on the album. For years, fans assumed that the song, which tells the story of a breakup, would be about a brief and intense romance Taylor Swift had with actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010. Watch below.

With the release of the nearly 15-minute short, speculation that the song referred to Gyllenhaal seems to have solidified in the minds of fans, calling themselves the “swifties”.

The video garnered over 13 million views in less than 24 hours. This Sunday (14), the count exceeded 22 million.

The updated version of the song has new lyrics that reveal more information about their relationship: “And I was never good at telling jokes, but here’s a conclusion / I’m going to get old, but your girlfriends stay my age” and “I’m in a new hell every time / That you go through my head / You said if we were ages closer / Maybe it would have been all right / And it made me want to die.”

A revealing passage is when Swift says she would be heartbroken at her 21st birthday, which matches the chronology of the romance between her and Gyllenhaal.

The artist spoke this week to presenter Jimmy Fallon about her decision to re-record the song, but never confirmed that the lyrics referred to the actor. THE CNN contacted Jake Gyllenhaal for comments.

*This article has been translated. Read the original in English

Reference: CNN Brasil

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