TCU warns elected government about lack of data on vaccination and deaths from post-Covid-19 syndrome

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The elected government transition team received a report from the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) that warns of the absence of data on vaccination against Covid-19 in the management of the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The report, which CNN had access, points out that “it is impossible to make an assessment of the immunization goals in the country”.

THE CNN the Ministry of Health, by means of a note, contested the court document and said that “the information that the TCU report points out that the Ministry of Health does not have information on vaccination against Covid-19 is untrue.

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One of the excerpts from the TCU document informs that “it was found that it was not possible to assess the fulfillment of immunization targets, since no indicators were identified for each priority group and age group indicating vaccination coverage”.

Another point reported by the TCU is that the audits carried out at the Ministry of Health revealed that the folder does not have epidemiological bulletins with morbidity and mortality data on Post-Covid 19 Syndrome. of health, due to the high number of possible cases”.

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In the report, the TCU claims that it identified the impossibility of extracting data from the National Health Fund panels, so that it is possible to compare them with other bases.

“Not knowing the number of possible patients affected by post-Covid-19 conditions compromises support for subnational entities to face the situation, considering that the resources allocated may fall short of needs.” explains the report.

The absence of these data, according to the TCU technicians, makes it difficult to advance in the fight against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome with the advancement in new fields of vaccination and medication to improve managerial information about the pandemic.

The TCU report also made a diagnosis of the Unified Health System (SUS) and pointed out “signs of unsustainability of the current model of the SUS that will require a deep debate on the subject due to evidence of lack of assistance”.

Also according to the TCU report, “despite the fact that the Brazilian public health system proposes to be universal, free and integral, there was evidence of lack of assistance, as well as a reality in which most health expenditures have a private origin” .

See the full statement from the Ministry of Health below.

The information that the TCU report points out that the Ministry of Health does not have information on vaccination against Covid-19 is untrue. The folder has all the data related to those vaccinated in the country, by CPF, including the type of vaccine administered, date of administration and booster doses. All of this information is available to those vaccinated through the ConectaSUS app.

With regard to the alleged unsustainability of the SUS, the TCU correctly points out issues of attention to the financial sustainability of the system, such as, for example, increased health expenditures with the aging of the population; inflation of health products; judicialization.

The TCU report has already been analyzed by the Ministry of Health, which remains available to contribute to the TCU, within the existing high-level relationship between the institutions.

Source: CNN Brasil

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