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Teacher is arrested in the act for racism against an 8-year-old child at a school in RJ

A teacher, identified as Cristiani Bispo, was arrested in the act after committing racism against an 8-year-old child at Escola Municipal Estados Unidos, in Catumbi, central region of Rio de Janeiro, this Friday (7).

The victim’s mother told CNN that the teacher had previously made prejudiced comments against the minor. According to Lorhane Sampaio, her daughter was called “trash” by Cristiani last Wednesday (5).

On the same day, the professional mentioned that the minor smoked crack and threw a paper ball at her. The victim had already notified the school coordination about the episodes.

After what happened on Wednesday, Lorhane went to school on the same day to take minutes. Furthermore, when calling the patrol, she was instructed to register an incident, doing so at the 6th DP, on Thursday (6).

The minor returned to classes this Friday morning (7). At around 10:40 am, Lorhane’s daughter went to talk to her cousin’s teacher, who studies at the same institution, and commented that Cristiani had called her “black” and “hard-haired”.

With that, Lorhane’s niece called to inform her about what had happened to her cousin. So, the minor’s mother called the police and went to the school.

At school, the teacher said she was feeling ill, citing high blood pressure. She also disrespected the security agents and tried to escape from them.

Upon leaving the educational institution, the teacher was taken in a Fire Department escort vehicle to the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital. From the health unit, she and the victim’s mother went to the 6th DP to register an incident, but were sent to the 19th DP, where the minor was interviewed.

The Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) reported in a statement that “the woman was taken by military police officers to the police station, where she was interviewed and charged with the crime of racial insult.” The case was sent to court.

The teacher was removed from her duties and an investigation was opened to investigate the case, according to the Municipal Department of Education (SME) of Rio de Janeiro. The ministry noted in a note that “the students and their guardians were welcomed and received support from the school management team”, and highlighted that “any form of discrimination against students is unacceptable, strictly combatted and punished.”

The teacher runs the risk of being fired from public service when she finishes investigating the incident. A CNN tries to locate the professional’s defense for a position.

Source: CNN Brasil

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