«Tear along the edges», the Zerocalcare series has a release date

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First the online debut, then the presentation at the Rome Film Fest. Zerocalcare, that with Netflix has decided to sign his own animated television series, which will debut on the streaming platform on November 17th, with Tear off along the edges. The show, which will be presented the next day in Rome, during the canonical appointment with the festival of the show, will have six episodes, of a quarter of an hour each.

“I’ve been around animation for a long time, even having a lot of fun experimenting, doing everything by myself,” explained Zerocalcare, who wanted to find his usual characters in the series. Armadillo, whose voice will be that of Valerio Mastandrea, then Secco, the Wild Boar Friend, Sarah, all dubbed by the Roman cartoonist.

“At the same time, I would have liked to raise the bar, make more use of the video medium in terms of direction, movement, while maintaining my language and themes and continuing to have total control over the story. In this sense, Netflix has put me in a position to work in a way that holds all plans together: absolute freedom in content and languages, the possibility of collaborating with people more capable than me “on a product that promises to move in the universe. already known to the artist.

Tear off along the edges retraces, through the stratagem of a train journey, of flashbacks entrusted to the stories of friends, the essential episodes of the existence of Zerocalcare.

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