Tecno lover: an all hi-tech Valentine’s Day

As every year the party of lovers is approaching and finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day it can often be a complex undertaking.

Although many do not particularly like this anniversary, this year, after months that are decidedly difficult to deal with even on a psychological level, the desire to celebrate love, in all its forms, has been found.

Perhaps because this is precisely what saves us in the end … Whether for a man, a woman, children, parents or for our precious four-legged friends, it is love that acts as a glue and often gives us the strength to go on, in spite of everything.

If you too want to take a little break from the anxieties and worries of the period, Valentine’s Day can be the right occasion.

However, it is forbidden to show up without a gift.

The great classics, a bouquet or one box of chocolates, are always good, as are objects related to specific hobbies – a book, a design complement – but surely what really pleases everyone these days is technology, and even online stores are starting to be in turmoil, spending themselves in a series of promotions that offer excellent ideas for gift ideas.

From now very popular smartwatch to gadgets for hardcore gamers, passing through domestic appliances for cooking enthusiasts or for Wireless earphones for those who do not give up on music wherever they are.

With the continuation of remote or smart working, even the hi-tech accessories to work more efficiently this year will be among the most sought-after Valentine’s gifts: from soundproofing headphones so as not to be disturbed during the daily video calls, at ergonomic seats for those who spend many hours at the desk. Without forgetting the increasingly useful ones Wireless chargers which, in some cases, contain a precious compartment for sanitizing the smartphone and small objects.

And if it’s the romantic side that takes over, you can always bet on one heart-shaped LED lamp engraved with a personalized message or on one portable Wi-Fi printer to print heart photos in seconds.

These and other ideas in the name of technology in the gallery above.