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Ten thousand properties with canceled titles in Pará were used for land grabbing, says study

Ten thousand properties with canceled titles in Pará were used for land grabbing, says study

A study by Imazon from the Human Rights Clinic of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) points to suspicion of land grabbing in the cancellation of the titles of more than 10,000 properties in Pará.

The canceled titles reach an area that corresponds to 73% of the state. This would be impossible, since Pará already has almost 50% of its territory formed by protected areas.

According to the survey, about 332 of these properties actually exist. But, in 12 years, only one was retaken by the state.

There is, for example, an area of ​​public forest equivalent to ten times the size of the city of São Paulo, which could be recovered and destined for conservation.

The numbers reinforce the suspicion of public land grabbing and the existence of phantom records, that is, titles that only exist on paper to obtain economic advantages.

A total of 10,728 property registrations were canceled following an understanding of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) in 2010.

According to the text, registrations that face determinations provided for in the Federal Constitution may be canceled without the need for a judicial process. The canceled titles correspond to an area of ​​91.12 million hectares.

In addition to illegal registration, in practice, with the property registration in hand, the land grabbers used the documents as mortgage guarantees.

The municipalities of São Félix do Xingu and Altamira have at least 50% of the titles canceled with more than 45 million hectares. In addition, they are the historical record holders in deforested areas.

By crossing the georeferencing data of the areas with data on changes in land use and land cover, it was discovered that 811,000 hectares had already been deforested by 2020, which corresponds to 34% of these properties. Irregular use is mainly for agriculture.

Source: CNN Brasil