Tesla tests autopilot on public roads: and it almost leads to an accident

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Some time ago, Tesla representatives opened access to the beta version of the Full Self-Driving autopilot to all interested owners of their electric cars. That is, any driver can connect to this program in order to use unmanned technologies on public roads, while usually similar technologies are tested on closed testing grounds under the strict guidance of professionals. Naturally, during the testing process, errors and problems can arise, but if they do not lead to anything critical at the test site, then the autopilot can create an emergency on a public road. Actually, this is what he does.

The American news outlet Consumer Reports criticized Tesla’s management for taking absolutely no safety measures when launching a beta test on regular drivers, and even on a paid basis. It turns out that the owner of the car pays for Tesla engineers to test their new technologies on it, although this can certainly lead to various threats on the road. Tesla representatives themselves do not monitor beta program participants in real time and do not provide them with the proper level of security. Moreover, in support of their fears, representatives of the publication showed a video of one of the users, which shows that the autopilot makes a lot of mistakes.

For example, a Tesla Model 3 car, which was filmed by the user on video, practically provokes collisions with other vehicles, enters corners rather abruptly, brakes either too late on a road crossing, or at a fairly large distance from it. Accordingly, the driver often has to take control of the car in order not to get into an accident due to the fault of the autopilot. At the same time, the head of Tesla officially admitted that the beta version of the autopilot has many problems and shortcomings that will be eliminated during beta testing. Elon Musk did not answer why the technology is being tested on public roads.

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