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Testimony on the femicide in Cyprus “shows” the responsibilities of the Police – “I called 4 phones and no one answered”

The responsibilities of the police authorities are demonstrated by the new information that has come to light regarding the femicide in Paphos. According to a report by Alphanews Cyprus, a witness “burns” the police, as he complains of serious delays. The man reported that he called the police when he heard the first voices coming from his neighboring house. “At 10 to 5 I heard voices from a woman, many loud voices, voices that life was threatened and I said to call the Police because I understood that they had to be involved”, he says characteristically and describes the history of the calls he made. His first of four calls to the police came at 9.59am. “The operator told me to put me through Domestic Violence, he was ringing, I was waiting for someone to answer, no one answered,” he said. The man insisted: “at 10:01 I rang the police again, I told the operator they weren’t answering, he told me to put me through the Petty Crimes Unit, again no one answered,” adding: “10:03 the next phone call and he told me to me […]
Source: News Beast

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