Tether, the issuer of the USDT stablecoin, will partner with Web3 firm Nodo to train the African population to transact with stablecoins.

The educational initiative for youth living in African countries will last six months. The project will include quizzes, educational seminars on use cases for Bitcoin and stablecoins, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions where users can ask experts questions.

Nodo co-founder Shogo Ishida believes this education campaign will eliminate Africa’s financial exclusion and help bring its payments sector to the level of more developed countries. And Tether’s assistance will improve the financial literacy of the local population and expand their access to financial services.

“The main goal of the training seminars is to rethink traditional finance. This should provide financial freedom to low-income residents of the African continent who do not even have a bank account,” commented Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino.

Recently, Ardoino expressed concerns that the EU Cryptocurrency Act (MiCA) could make stablecoins much riskier in their future use.