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Uproar after it was revealed that China’s tallest waterfall is powered by… a water pipe

A video uploaded by a hiker that shows China’s tallest waterfall being fed by a … water pipe has sparked strong reactions. In particular, the man uploaded a video showing the flow of water from Yuntai Mountain Waterfall – billed as China’s highest continuous waterfall – coming from a pipe built high into the rock face. The video has garnered more than 70,000 likes. For their part, Yuntai Tourist Park officials said they made the “small improvement” during the dry season so that visitors feel their trip was worthwhile, the BBC reports. “I struggled to get to the source of Yuntai Falls just to see a pipe,” captioned the video posted by user ‘Farisvov’. The topic of the origin of Yuntai Falls started trending all over Chinese social media. It received more than 14 million views on Weibo and almost 10 million […]
Source: News Beast

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