Texas: the harsh push-backs of migrants by horse guards

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Is called Border Patrol. It’s the American border police. On the border between Mexico and the United States it is represented by officers on horseback. The images of these days show the police officers rejecting the migrants at the border marked by the Rio Grande river, in Texas. In these and in some videos, men on horseback are seen using the reins to drive away and hit migrants.

For the most part they are refugees arriving from Haiti fled in the past years and even more after the killing of President Moise and the last earthquake.

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There are over 10 thousand and they try to enter the US by crossing the river.

“I think no one who has seen those images thinks it’s acceptable behavior” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, calling the images “horrible to see”. Some have compared the images to those of cowboys with cattle. The US government has opened investigations according to reports from US Internal Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. However, Washington has also made it known that it is ready to repatriate the thousands of people, including women and children, who are at the height of the bridge between the city of Del Rio in Texas and Ciudad Acuna in Mexico. The leaders of the US administration do not threaten a wall like Donald Trump’s, but they have repeatedly said that this is not the time to ask to enter the US.

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Doctors Without Borders he denounced the situation by speaking of “failed asylum policies and mass deportations from the United States”. Christoph Jankhofer, coordinator of the MSF migrant project in Mexico, explains that “the only options for these people are to live in overcrowded shelters or on the street in unsanitary conditions and with the risk of contracting Covid”. In Tapachula, on the southern border of Mexico, there are about 40,000 migrants arriving from Central and South America.

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