Th. Skylakakis: Pre-approval of business loans through the Recovery Fund at 1.9 billion

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The amount of pre-approvals for business loans, through the Recovery Fund, has already reached 1.9 billion euros, based on data released by Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis, from the podium of the “Green Deal” Conference organized by the TEE . While, he estimated that: “When we get out of this storm we will find an economy with great dynamics”.

In particular, as Mr. Skylakakis announced, an additional 650-700 investments are being processed and he spoke of “unprecedented amounts”, as 75% are green or digital, according to the data of the relevant electronic platform.

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As characteristically stated by if. Minister: “Our country has an interest in the Green Transition. The Recovery Fund provides tools and resources that we have never had and will never have at our disposal and the goal is to promote them quickly for the green and digital transition.”

He also estimated that in our country additional resources will be available through REPowerEU, as well as loan resources that will give businesses the opportunity to move forward dynamically in the green and digital transformation, as he said.

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“When the wave of inflation subsides, Greece will be in an unimaginably competitive position compared to the past,” said Mr. Skylakakis.

As for the debt, he estimated that, “despite the pandemic, it will return to the levels of 2019. This means that our economy – when this storm is over – will be able to go far ahead, because the growth we are achieving now is an investment growth with a sharp increase in investment as a percentage of GDP “, adding that” huge private investments that give value to public investments “are in progress, as he said.

“The sum of our tools shows that the country will do very well in the medium term, despite the violent storm we are facing,” he reiterated. Minister.

Regarding the green transition, Mr. Skylakakis pointed out that the question is how fast we can make this huge transition, which will be faster than we expected until 2050, as he estimated. While, he stressed that “regression of globalization also means regression of climate goals”.

Source: Capital

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