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Thasup hospitalized due to anxiety: “It’s no longer manageable, it’s taking a few years of my life”

He was hospitalized again Thasup, stage name of Davide Mattei, a 22-year-old trapper loved by fans. He himself communicated the hospitalization to his followers via social media: “Here we go again”, he wrote via Instagram in a series of Stories «You all ask me what’s happening. Nothing you don’t already know, I say it in all the songs, theanxiety It’s no longer manageable for me and it’s taking a few years off my life. I will try with all my might to make it disappear and go back to doing what I love.”

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Then the reassurance to the fans: «Anyway I’m fine. I’m cooking trap even from the hospital.” It is not the first time that Mattei ends up in hospital. It had already happened last September, again due to anxiety and panic attacks. On that occasion the trapper revealed that it wasn’t something new (“I’ve been going back and forth for almost a year”) and that he no longer had “the serenity to make music”.

The world according to thasup
He created his own genre, plays with sounds and words, climbs the charts. Davide Mattei conquers everyone. All that’s missing are the live shows (coming soon?)

Younger brother of Mara Sattei, also a singer, Thasup, who until recently called himself Tha Supreme, has been passionate about music since he was a child, so much so that his first compositions date back to when he was just 14 years old. He rose to prominence in 2017, when he produced for Salmo Excuse me and on his own behalf the individual 6itch, over the years he has also collaborated with Sfera Ebbasta and other exponents of the trap scene, but also with singers far from his mood, such as Tiziano Ferro, with whom he created Roundabout.

An artist who loves experimentation and who has often brought anxiety even into his lyrics. She has always climbed the rankings quickly, she will certainly also be able to leave her biggest challenge behind.

Source: Vanity Fair

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