That place where suffering women find “a breath of fresh air”

That place where suffering women find “a breath of fresh air”

One is the story of F., 46, mother of three, struggling with herself because she can’t make a decision that would radically change her life and that of her children. Another is that of A., thirty years old, who decided to move away from her violent partner, with whom she had had a daughter, not yet born when she found the strength to ask for help. Yet another, the story of W., 46 years old, South American, two children and a partner from whom, when she lost her job, she found herself depending economically and who still abuses her psychologically and physically today.

Lives of women looking for a breakthrough, who have decided to say enough to suffering, abuse, violence often experienced alone. Women who now find help and comfort in a place designed specifically to welcome them in a warm and familiar atmosphere, away from pain and abuse.

From 2019 to today, around 500 women have been met by the center’s operators Women’s Space WeWorldlocated in Tirana Square 2, in the Giambellino district of Milan. An educator, an educator and counselor and a psychologist welcome and follow them, assisted by the collaboration of other professional volunteers: two educators, two teachers and a lawyer.

«The women who attend Spazio Donna have on average around 40-45 years olda good part has sons and some bring them with them», explains the coordinator Francesca Martino. «Half are foreigners, they have different socio-cultural backgrounds but they prevail situations of economic hardship. The needs they bring concern the most family problemshow conflicting relationships or with abusive men And problems in managing childrenbut also of unemployment And lived in solitude And fatigue in coping with life’s difficulties. Many women say they feel at ease and how coming to Spazio Donna represents for them “a breath of fresh air”».

Some female visitors to the WeWorld Women’s Space in the Giambellino district of Milan

When these women arrive here, thanks to a friend’s word of mouth, a recommendation from a service or simply out of curiosity because they have seen the flyer for the various initiatives «they feel the need to be listened to and not judged, to be understood and when we offer them support, they are very grateful”, explains the coordinator. «The support we offer is psychological and pedagogical: first of all we help them to increase your self-esteem And the sense of self-efficacy so that they can face their problems with more confidence and more strength; we help them to orient themselves and to have a plan».

The offer of Women’s area it also covers a number of specific activities such as the parenting supportthe legal advicethe Italian schoolthe support in job search And cultural initiatives and of socializationin addition to orientation And information on local resources. The structure also has a Child Care area (0-8 years) where children can be left safe while the women participate in the activities.

Collistar’s commitment, with and for women

To share and support the cause of WeWorld Onlusin this very important work of helping women, there is Collistara beauty brand born in Milan in 1983, which just to get even closer to the female world, chose to finance the opening of the Women’s Space in the Giambellino districtin premises made available on free loan from Rete Ferroviarie Italiane, a company of the FS Group.
Inaugurated in November 2018, it is in fact the first Center in the Lombard capital of this non-governmental organization which has been guaranteeing the rights of children and the most vulnerable women in Italy and in the world for twenty years. Inside, in addition to the support work for women in the event of situations of violence and particular hardship, workshops and training courses are also organized for women’s professional preparation and the achievement of educational qualifications.
An enveloping space, where you can rediscover lost harmony. Because where there are stories of degradation and daily violence, the task of a beauty company can only be to bring balance, well-being and beauty.

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Source: Vanity Fair