The 10 most popular Airbnb homes and experiences of the year (and to book for it)

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We can not wait to go back to travel to reconnect with nature, perhaps taking refuge in a house in the countryside, in the woods, overlooking the sea and, if we still cannot plan the next departure, we all imagine in detail what it will be like. He also says so Airbnb which, in these long months of lockdown, has identified a new and marked tendency to save favorite destinations in one wishlist, calling her Wish List Wanderlust. Thus, looking among the aspirations of its users, it first compiled a list that brings together ten houses among the most desired in Italy.

You can see them in the gallery above:
are villas, very romantic mini-apartments in every corner of the country (with a certain preference for Puglia, which stands out with four addresses), one more particular than the other, often with a low price (usually less than 100 euros per night), never too big, all very secluded and perfect for the first post lockdown escape. The houses are placed in no particular order, because it is not a ranking.

It is a ranking, however, that Airbnb has drawn up for Experience: online experiences to discover the world and its traditions from home, which can be purchased on the platform. Also in the gallery above, after the houses, you will find the most booked by Italians in 2020. The most popular of the experiences remain the cooking lessons, but there are also many other surprises that make those who haven’t done it yet want to try. For example, how about an escape room inspired by the history of the Medici dynasty? Browse the gallery above

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