The 31-year-old who divorced and moved to a retirement home – Wants to retire and hangs out with retirees

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The line “I wish I was going out to pension» has been heard succinctly from the lips of several young people, but a 31-year-old woman has tried to make it happen in parts, after she has moved to nursing home and now hangs out with me pensioners.

According to nypost.comthe Liz White she lived in Philadelphia, USA, but she broke up with her partner and moved to Floridain the apartment complex where her parents live and is considered a retirement home.

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As she said, there is no age limit to stayalthough beyond her there are still two workers in the specific apartments, since all the other tenants have retired.

31-year-old Liz White
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“Basically, i am retired in my soul but not in my bank account which requires me to have a full-time job,” he says in a video he posted on TikTok that has garnered over 31,000 views.

She noted that she now lives in a different apartment from that of her parents, as she found a room available. “Another unit became available for rent in the building and the rest is history,” he said in one of the videos he has uploaded.

Life with pensioners

Liz White notes that not only does she not mind hanging out with retirees, she enjoys being around seniors. Characteristically, just last month, he traveled to Austria to celebrate a neighbor’s 80th birthday.

Nevertheless, he notes that he doesn’t always have companyas the majority of tenants do not live permanently in the nursing home, but mostly in winterwith summer preferring other destinations.

But again it does not lose its interest, since the facilities of the apartment complex include a library, a communal garden, a heated swimming pool and a gym.

Source: News Beast

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