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The 49-year-old who had just a 6% chance of living – ‘I died for 40 minutes and it was a magical experience’

A woman from Britain was affected heart attack and fell into coma for 40 minutes, with doctors giving her a 6% chance of survival, with her waking up and making a full recovery, claiming she was saved from the prayers of the world.

THE 49-year-old Kirsty Bortoft who is a meditation teacher on January 29, 2021 had returned home early and was waiting for Partner of 47 years to Stu to spend a romantic evening, according to But as soon as he returned, he found her unconscious on the couch with her eyes wide open and her skin to be bright red at some points, while the laptop was out of her hands and on the floor.


I died and this is why I don’t worry anymore. A miracle happened. I now do not worry. Worry is an illusion based in a future moment that has not happened! Second chance at life! I get present and enjoy every moment. Stop the what if’s catastrophizing……The two questions I get asked…..1. what do I remember and 2. do I not worry it will happen again? Nope! Stop wasting your life on worry! Get present and enjoy every moment. Life is for living. I died and came back and this is my story! #worryingaboutallthewrongthings #stopworryingaboutit #idied #whyworry??? #getpresent #mentalhealthtiktok #tipstonotworry

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Then, he immediately called an ambulance and started giving her CPR, while when the paramedics arrived, they used a defibrillator to restore her weak heartbeat. He was then taken to the hospital and the doctors put her in an induced coma to stabilize it.

Nevertheless, they warned that he had a 6% chance of survival and if that was the case, then she would logically have suffered severe brain damage because all her organs were functioning thanks to the medical machines.

The vision and prayers that changed things

For the condition of the 49-year-old only her family knew and no one else, since not enough time had passed for them to be notified. But the Kirsty’s “soulmate”. who are close friends, she called her sister to ask if the 49-year-old is okay, since he saw a vision in which the wife told her that “her soul cannot return to her body.”

Stu spoke to this particular woman and in his desperation to save his beloved, he contacted his partner’s students, friends and acquaintances who practice meditationso that everyone together pray for him to wake up from the coma.


I died and this is why I don’t worry anymore. Part 2 what happened! I died and came back this is my story! What happened over that 48 hours was a mixture of coincidences, mystery, wonder and magic. My near death second chance experience took my spirit to another realm. Claire my psychic friend who lives in Spain communicates to me whist I was out of my body. I do not have any memory of speaking to white beings but I do have a strong sense of clarity on how to operate my life back here…. Worry, intrusive thoughts I do not entertain anymore…. I follow simple rules that are now so obvious – gratitude, trust or being Divinely protected, seeing everything as a gift to learn, serve or grow, love being the only healer, knowing how individually we are all important. Life is the only school and it’s a school of vibration. That challenges create contract and that is necessary for growth and that we are here to experience an array of emotions is a beautiful gift just do not hold them let them go and suffering will never be a problem. #NDE#NDEworryingintrusivethoughts #idied #gratitude #schooloflife #vibrational #secondchance

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Indeed, after a while and since many people had mobilized, the woman not only recovered, but also without health problemsince all her organs were functioning normally.

In fact, the doctors were surprised and could not understand what had happened, according to her. So, Kirsty Bortoft shared her story in a TikTok video and claimed that the 40 minutes he had been “dead”, “it was a magical experience” and how it turned out that meditation “doesn’t just heal the soul”, but also “literally saves”.


I DIED AND THIS IS WHY I DON’T WORRY ANYMORE. PART 3 go back a few videos to find part 1&2 if you’ve not seen them yet! I died and came back this is my story! I used words to broadcast a vibration for healing…. I visualized healing through meditation and made it a non-negotiable. Now part of this I believe is also because it simply wasn’t my time to exit this body and planet. I get asked if I worry it will happen again a lot and the answer is no! But if you want the full story and how I am able to experience a near death experience and be like this go back to the previous vids. Intrusive thoughts, overthinking. Stress anxiety is all so debilitating. I have created a free Masterclass go to the URL in my Profile to download now. #idied #nde #neardeathexperiences #howto #intrusivethoughts #worry #healingvibration #CapCut

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