The aesthetics of imperfections, between technology and manufacturing


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Pitti Immagine Uomo, now in its 99th edition, and the brand Ten C, designed by Alessandro Pungetti and recently purchased by Enzo Fusco, president of FGF Industry, honored the location of the famous Florentine fair with “an event capable of combining tradition and history, physicality and digital” as Raphael Napoleone tells us, CEO of Pitti Uomo.

Yes, because the place chosen for the installation The Juggernaut of the made in Italy brand is precisely the Fortezza da Basso, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture which for years has hosted the men’s fashion event.

And especially the Hall of the Vault, its vital center.

The idea was precisely to revive these spaces, after 12 months of closure caused by the particular moment we are living, with an immersive installation created by Federico Poggioli study and inspired and dedicated by OJJ, Original Japanese Jersey: the fabric that characterizes the garments Ten C.

We liked the idea of ​​being present at the fair and Pitti welcomed our request with great enthusiasm

The strength of this project is all in the small details. «One of the things that attracted me the most about the work of Ten C it is the idea of ​​imperfection linked to the brand. Because in the highly industrial and technological production of the dyeing of their iconic fabric – explains Lapo Cianci, Chief Communication Officer e Deputy General Manager of Pitti Immagine – there is a certain percentage of error. And the contrast between the very high hi-tech performances and the inaccuracies caused that can only be corrected by the human hand, generates a great fascination ».
After all, it is precisely «the concept of craftsmanship which, by definition, cannot replicate a product in a serial manner, the key to everything “reminds us Raffaello Napoleone. A product that carries these qualities with it is destined to last over time, just like a historical place like it is Fortezza da Basso.

A video performance that tells the world of men’s outerwear with a sartorial soul by Ten C. Moving on from the construction of the outerwear, to then focus on the garment dyeing process ofOJJ, the polyester jersey, a distinctive element of the brand.

Juggernaut, the installation by Ten C for Pitti Uomo
Juggernaut, the installation by Ten C for Pitti Uomo

But what are the characteristics of this fiber? Certainly its very high degree of unpredictability when subjected to dyeing under pressure at 130 degrees. For this the human presence is always necessary, and this is also the motivation capable of making this fabric unique and special.

And on this randomness of the error the concept of the event develops, which takes its cue from the video art of the sixties by the Korean Nam June Paik, the first to theorize the aesthetics of the error by understanding the artistic potential. Absolute protagonists i 5 iconic pieces of the brand: Cyclone Parka, Parka, Anorak, Tempest Anorak e Field Jacket.

To discover other frames and the rendering of the project, browse the gallery above.

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