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The African Union will become a permanent member of the G20

The African Union will become its permanent member G20 during the bloc’s summit this weekend in New Delhi, India, according to a draft of the final communique obtained by Reuters.

THE African Union, in which 55 countries participate, will have the same status as the EU, the only regional bloc that already has full G20 membership status. Until now the African Union had the status of “invited international organization”.

“We welcome the African Union as a full member of the G20 and strongly believe that its membership in the G20 will make a significant contribution to addressing the global challenges of our time”is stated in the draft communication.

Other issues on which the G20 summit is to take decisions are the provision of additional loans from multilateral institutions to developing countries, the restructuring of the international debt architecture, cryptocurrency regulations and the impact of the geopolitical situation on energy security and of food.

In the draft statement, which runs to 38 pages and has been circulated among G20 members, the paragraph on “the geopolitical situation” has been left blank.

Source: News Beast

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