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The American media comment on the results of the 2024 European elections

The European elections were in the focus of the American media who commented on the results emphasizing that Europeans chose to vote for far-right and nationalist parties. Special mention was made of France and Germany, which are considered the driving force of united Europe. For the NBC television network, “the European People’s Party may have won the majority once again, but the European center has eroded and far-right parties are causing serious disruption in Europe.” It is also noted that the strengthening of far-right parties in the last decade has probably not yet reached its peak. CNN also underlines that “extreme right-wing parties in Europe are no longer on the fringes”, on the contrary, they “increased their numbers by investing in Islamophobia”, while causing upheavals in the political scene, especially in France. In France, the New York Times reports, the result caused a political earthquake, as “President Emmanuel Macron suffered a crushing defeat, leading to the dissolution of parliament and the calling of parliamentary elections in the country.” The newspaper also estimates that the […]
Source: News Beast

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