The area – “oasis” where almost the entire population has been vaccinated

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The images are reminiscent of our pre-coronary life. People walk the streets and talk without a mask, go out, see friends, the fans go to the stadium. This is everyday life in the small British enclave of Gibraltar, one of the first regions in the world to vaccinate almost its entire population against covid-19.

Spanish chef Rafael Cordon goes daily to work in Gibraltar, an area of ​​almost 34,000 people in the southern tip of Spain, where he was vaccinated against covid-19 like many foreign workers.

“It looks like an oasis,” says the 63-year-old, who when crossing the border feels “like passing from one world to another.”

In Spain the restrictions due to its pandemic coronavirus There are still many and Cordon states that he feels that he lives “in an aquarium with restrictions on movement”, as broadcast by AMPE.

Thanks to the progress of the covid-19 vaccination campaign since the end of March, Masks are not mandatory in Gibraltar except indoors, in public places, shops and means of transport.

The curfew after midnight has also been lifted, allowing bars and restaurants to reopen from March 1 after months of restrictions.

Gibraltar Prime Minister Fabian Picardo announced on Thursday lifting from Monday the limit on the number of people who can sit at the same table in bars and restaurants and from 16 April the lifting of the limitation of gatherings to 16 people.

“Operation Freedom”

In Gibraltar, where 94 people died from covid-19 and 4,300 coronavirus cases were diagnosed, no covid patient had to be hospitalized for more than two weeks due to the vaccination.

Named “Operation Freedom”, the vaccination campaign allowed a vaccine against covid-19 to be given to 85% of its inhabitants Gibraltar.

More than half of the approximately 15,000 workers who go daily to the pocket from Spain to work have also received one of the two installments.

“It’s a great relief,” said Health Minister Samantha Sacramento. She attributes the speed of the vaccination campaign to the small size of Gibraltar and the supply of vaccines from Britain.

“For the first few weeks we vaccinated daily, seven days a week,” he added.

After they have been given both doses vaccine against covid-19 citizens receive a kind of vaccination passport, which allows them to participate in rallies or travel.

Last week, the Victoria Stadium reopened for 600 vaccinated people to watch the football match between Gibraltar and the Netherlands.

About 500 spectators also watched the boxing match on March 27.

In both cases, the spectators underwent a diagnostic test for coronavirus on the same day and were found to be negative.

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