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The atmosphere is tense at the Polish-Belarusian border, as more and more migrants arrive there

Surrounded by dense forest, about ten people have gathered near the barbed-wire fence that runs along the border with Belarus, waiting for the right opportunity to climb or find an opening and move west toward Poland. On the other side, armed Polish border guards and soldiers walk and drive vehicles up and down, keeping an eye on the group, which is made up mostly of young Middle Eastern men, some bearing scars from the barbed wire. In Europe, there is a tense climate over immigration as far-right parties calling for tighter controls face off against centrist factions in Poland’s European elections tomorrow, Sunday. In this country, the confrontation has a particular geopolitical character. Poland and the European Union have accused Belarus and Russia of trying to foment chaos in 2021 by pushing migrants across the border, with Warsaw calling it “hybrid warfare”. The […]
Source: News Beast

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