The background behind the exclusion of EYDAP from the EYS competition

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of Eleni Botas

EYDAP and not only, its exclusion from the tender for the large PPP project, with a budget of 291 million euros related to the water supply of Athens, has provoked strong reactions.

The tender entitled “Operation, Maintenance, Repair and Restoration of the Fixed Assets of the External Water Supply System (EYS) to meet the needs of the major area of ​​the capital through PPP”, will be held without the participation of EYDAP unless the founding .

This is because the founding law of EYDAP was made long before the implementation of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and therefore, does not provide for the Company to participate in PPPs outside the Attica Region, where it operates.

In fact, the recent amendment passed last summer for the renewal until 2040 of the exclusive right to provide water and sewerage services, in which the contract for the EYS was renewed, stated that: “with a contract between the Greek State represented by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, “EYDAP Fixed Assets Company” and EYDAP SA, EYDAP SA is assigned the maintenance and operation of the External Water Supply System (EYS) of the major area of ​​the Capital for three years.

After the expiration of this contract, the maintenance and operation of E.Y.S. will be assigned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to a contractor, who will be promoted through a tender procedure, in which EYDAP intends to participate in the tender procedure “.

However, despite the promises and the relevant actions of the EYDAP management until the deadline for submitting an expression of interest file on 20/1/2022 for the project of EYS, there was no action to pave the way for its participation in the competition, for which they have express interest large construction groups.

Information states that it was considered that the participation of EYDAP would have much higher costs than the benefit of the contract itself, while its participation would be made in de facto collaboration with a construction group.

However, this development has reportedly caused dissatisfaction in the main shareholder of EYDAP (Superfund holds 50 plus one share and HRDH 11.33%), while it is worth noting that EYDAP expected its participation in PPP projects, paved the way for claims for contracts related to water supply and irrigation projects worth a total of 4.5 billion euros.

The tender for the External Water Supply System (EYS) to meet the needs of the major area of ​​the capital through PPP “, includes all the Services provided for the Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Restoration of Fixed Assets located within the expropriation zone of Elliniko Public and belong to the Company of Fixed Assets E.YDAP and which are used for the collection, storage and transportation of raw water from the springs to the entrance of the Water Treatment Units (M.EN.).

In addition, projects will be constructed to ensure the good operational status of the ESA.

The External Water Supply System of Attica includes the dams and reservoirs of Evinos, Mornos, Marathon, Lake Ylikis, the drilling of Parnitha and Boeotian plain, the aqueducts, the transmission networks of 400 km and the pumping stations, which constitute the main water supply infrastructure. of the Athens basin.

Source From: Capital

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