The best fitness exercises after a day in a sitting position

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A long day gone by sitting in front of the pc screen, with sporadic pauses and (9 out of 10) the assumption of wrong postures, not only mentally fatiguing, but tends to destroy the neck and back, not to mention the buttocks which, day after day, become sadly soft and passive. Experts agree: if the work routine revolves around sitting one should develop one fitness routine “as a result”, designed to reactivate the muscles most compromised by smart working.

An excellent idea also and above all for avoid contractures and pains in the short and long term.

As he points out Simone Zecca, graduate in Motor Sciences, owner and trainer of Crossfit Cenisio, «Sitting all day results in a weaker necessary musculature, as it is not exercised for long hours (all on a daily basis). In particular, it is the abdominal muscles that relaxi, unlike when standing and remain upright and in tension. As already mentioned, the buttock also tends to yield, getting used to not making any effort. Also, sitting for too long, crushes the vertebral discs unevenly and collagen hardens the tendons, leading to a bad position of the spine. I confirm that an excellent solution to counter these negative effects it consists in carving out time for a good workout, with tailor-made fitness exercises ». The most effective and least boring methodology? “Without a doubt the circuit training, or circuit training, which consists in the alternating execution of several exercises, with the advantage of soliciting and toning the muscles as a whole. And NEVER forget to end your workout with stretching exercises to stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints, also relaxing the mind ».

In gallery find out what the fitness exercises (no tools needed) perfect for after work. To do at home or in the park, silencing laziness and thinking about how good you will feel after training.

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