The bitcoin rate exceeded $ 64,000 and again aimed at a historical maximum

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For the second time in the past four days, Bitcoin has approached its all-time high, reaching $ 64,277, but has not been able to hold on to that level.

According to CoinMarketCap, on October 19, the bitcoin price reached $ 64,277, falling short of the all-time high on April 14, 2021, just $ 586. The rate of the first cryptocurrency came close to the April maximum, then within an hour it dropped to $ 63,700, in 20 minutes it won back the fall to $ 64,000 and again could not resist. Bitcoin hit $ 64,399 on October 20, but bounced back to $ 64,100.

Perhaps the growth in the rate of the first cryptocurrency was influenced by the approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the launch of ETF on Bitcoin futures company ProShares. Yesterday, the company announced the opening of access to trading in shares of a new ETF on Bitcoin futures.

In addition, billionaire Mark Cuban tweeted that bitcoin is unrivaled as a store of value, and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor has encouraged high-poverty countries to buy BTC and launch bitcoin-backed currencies to boost the economy.

Some experts suggest that Chinese investors are gradually recovering from the blow to the cryptocurrency industry inflicted by the Chinese government and are beginning to actively make up for lost opportunities.

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