The black island in Google Maps that upset users and reminded them of Lost

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If you enter his world Google Maps it is difficult to slip. Several internet users they have “discovered” strange shapes, signs and generally a cart of strange things which may be distorted by the respective screens, connections, computer capabilities and cause delirium. A “black island” in Google Maps has caused such an explosion with users trying to solve the mystery.

The mysterious piece of land has caused a stir for the members of the forum on Reddit, where the eerie, admittedly, photos arrived.

Users describe the island as something from the popular TV series Lost or a covert island similar to Area 51, the secret and classified US desert where secret alien experiments are done.

The exterior of the island shows a blue sea with waves crashing on golden sandy beaches around the earth.

The black piece of land in the sea and the possible explanations

However, the middle of the island seems to be completely blackened by Google Maps.

Google deletes areas on its maps when people in the database do not want to be there or want to know what is going on there.

Initially and according to the ladbible it is not an island but an atoll, a coral islet. Secondly, it is practically impossible to locate it. If the location became known, a more convincing explanation for the tan might have been discovered.

Also, there is simply a possibility that it is a quirk of how the program was constructed.

Reddit users, however, have the answers. As always: “My first thought was that he was censored. It would not make sense for a natural formation to be black like that on such a shallow, small atoll / island “.

Another user joked: “Ladies and gentlemen, we found the island of Lost.” In the TV series Lost, a plane crashes on a mysterious island.

Other places that have been “blackened” in Google Maps include Sandy Island, which was discovered by Captain Cook in the late 1700s.

There is also an area in the Himalayan mountains, as well as a place deep in the Siberian desert, where if you look closer, it is copied and pasted from another place.

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