“The Brilliant Friend 3” arrives in February 2022, that’s what we can expect

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Filming began in November 2020 between Naples and Florence and, after a strategic pause for the performers to resume their roles in a more mature and conscious way, they continued until the end of September. The result is History of those who flee and those who remain, the third season of the de The Brilliant Friend which, according to what he anticipates TvBlog, will be broadcast on Raiuno in the exact same period in which it was released History of the new surname two years ago: immediately after the Sanremo Festival, which this year will end on February 5th.

The date X, at the moment, seems set for Monday 7: it will be then that we will find Lila and Lenù and a story that will cover a new narrative arc, bringing the protagonists to the seventies.

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The direction, until now entrusted to Saverio Costanzo, passes into the hands of Daniele Luchetti, while the screenplay is always written by Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci and Costanzo himself, plus the advice of Elena Ferrante. The series, produced by The Apartment and Wildside together with FremantleMedia Italia and Fandango Production, in collaboration with Rai Fiction and HBO Entertainment, it will resume where it left off, with Lenù trying to measure herself with her talent, striving to understand whether or not she is a true writer, and Lila struggling to survive, clashing with harassment and the struggle for low wages. In an interview with Variety, Luchetti explained that The brilliant friend 3 it will be inspired, in terms of atmospheres, by the New Hollywood, putting the actresses, thereand talented Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco, in a position to improvise some sequences.

The central theme of the series will continue, however, to be the intimately bourgeois dimension of Lenù, which reminds the director a little of the uncertain and disenchanted gaze of Monica Vitti of the seventies, and the rough skin of Lila’s universe, “the brilliant friend “who did not have the resources and the possibilities to go on and be what she dreamed of as a child. Although the initial idea was another, to continue interpreting Lila and Lenù will always be Girace and Mazzucco, appropriately aged to be credible at the age level: «It was important to have the same characters, also because the actors grew up. There is a visible maturity in their expressions, in their attitudes. We have made the most of this wonderful enrichment of which Gaia and Margherita are witnesses, as well as the other characters. It is not a fallback solution. It gives more depth ». There are many frames that we will see in this new season: from the wind-blown Naples waterfront to the most characteristic views of Florence, with the costumes and cars of the time.

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