The British royal drama and 4 more monarchies that have their… themes

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Lately people have learned a lot about him prince harry. Perhaps more than the British royal family would like… However, many monarchies hide several dark sides which she presents in an article in New York Times Elizabeth Paton. The columnist begins by writing that the world knows a lot more “about the Duke of Sussex’s penis than a month ago and the uses of Elizabeth Arden cream”, referring to book by prince harry. But the House of Windsor is far from the only royal family in trouble.

Since her death Queen Elizabeth II and his rise King Charles III in September, “The Firm” – as the British royal family is informally known – not only has to face a major reshaping. In a Netflix series and his new memoir, Prince Harry is releasing a near-constant stream of revelations, with personal details as well as allegations of betrayal behind palace doors at the House of Windsor. But the Britain it does not have a monopoly on the “unwashed” of the royal families. The columnist presents four more monarchies who have been busy lately with their dysfunction and their drama.

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THE Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 and settled in Abu Dhabi in 2020 amid investigations into alleged $100 million in bribes in connection with a contract awarded to a Spanish consortium to build a rail line in Saudi Arabia. It was not the first time the former king had been a negative star, having been a monarch known for his lavish lifestyle – including an elephant hunting trip amid the financial crisis – but also for his many extramarital affairs. The involvement of his name in “dark” business dealings has tarnished the image of the Spanish monarchy, despite the efforts of his sonof King Felipe and his wife Letitia. Father and son were in Athens, for the funeral of the late King Constantine, this week. The last time they had appeared together in public was last September, at the “last cheer” for Queen Elizabeth.

Source: News Beast

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