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The Canary Islands And Madrid Concentrate The Nights In Hotels At The Start Of 2021

The restrictions due to the pandemic, both outside and within our borders, are reducing the occupancy of hotels to a minimum. Overnight stays in this type of establishment fell 86% in February, similar to January, up to 2.3 million nights. Only 16.4% of the places offered were covered, with an annual decrease of 67.6%.

The Community and Madrid and the Canary Islands, the only two regions that have been open in February, without perimeter closure, they are the ones that monopolized most of the reserves, although they have also suffered significant collapses, 75% and 93%, respectively. The same trend was observed in January, despite the fact that in the case of Madrid it is not usual for it to be a main destination at this time of year.

The fall of the archipelago is greater than that of Madrid, despite the fact that the islands are in high season, and it is partly due to the restrictions on mobility in our main emitting countries, the United Kingdom and Germany. The main destination chosen by the Spanish was Madrid and that of the internationals, the Canary Islands. It adds up to 36% of the total overnight stays in February.

After the Canary Islands, international tourists chose the Community of Madrid, basically because the restrictions are not so harsh. Madrid is not the usual destination at this time of year, and, in fact, in February 2020, when the pandemic had not yet broken out, the destinations chosen by foreigners were Catalonia and Andalusia.

In general, overnight stays by travelers residing in Spain, which represent 72.9% of the total, decreased by 75.2% and those by non-residents decreased by 93.9%. The average stay was also reduced, by 24%, standing at 2.1 nights per traveler.

Regarding the origin of travelers, those from France and Germany account for 16.2% and 11.5%, respectively, of the total overnight stays by non-residents. The French market shows a drop of 86.6% and the German one, of 95.9%. The fall in the United Kingdom, which was previously our main source market, is 98.9%.

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