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The creative identities of Milan in the Alias ​​docufilm

The creative identities of Milan in the Alias ​​docufilm

Like in a movie scene set in the immediate future, Greta he walks within a geometric and ordered network of levels, columns, corridors, rectangular spaces, blue lights that degrade into purple. Above and below it is the same rationalist architectural landscape, which seems to copy and repeat itself, forming an abstract dialogue between what we see and what will be. It is a background frozen in time by a cold glow, a drawing on the work surface of an architect taken in the moment in which it becomes a primordial form, a living but still dormant place, where the energy is ready to reveal itself, at moments.

It is a construction site, but in the broadest sense of the term: here the “construction” is not just about engineering, but becomes an immaterial message, a symbol of rebirth and renewal of a street e of an entire city, which has its foundations in the past, is processed in the present and looks to the future.

She is Greta Ferro, model and actress, Giorgio Armani’s face for the short film A jacket, International Ambassador Armani Beauty and protagonist of the television series Made in Italy. The future scenario in which it moves, aseptic and at the same time full of potential energy, is the construction site of Spiga 26, the new hub of creativity in the Milanese quadrilateral, the urban regeneration project by Hines, a global player active in real estate, aimed at recovering the historic Pertusati Palace at the end of the 18th century to transform it into a unique space dedicated to the contamination between fashion, business, design, culture and food. Over 12 thousand square meters of creativity and vision in one of the most iconic places in the city.

It is precisely from this button space of Spiga 26 that Hines and Greta Ferro describe Milan and its many identities: Milan, Alias ​​city of fashion, Alias ​​city of design Alias ​​city of culture and Alias ​​Made in Italy, in a dialogue compelling and surprising which looks at the historical origins of the Lombard capital, since when Here the country suit was, which is a saying of the senior Milanese, about its transformation into one of the main European capitals, interpreter of leaders of tomorrow on an international scale. It is because it could not be otherwise, that of Greta is also a journey into ideas, through the characters and new projects that characterize the most cosmopolitan allure of Milan: the Quadrilatero della Moda.

The story of Alias, in fact, it focuses on the largest Luxury shopping district in the world: four sides of a city where new ideas have always come to life, inspirations and beauty, four roads that have sanctioned the birth and the legend of Made in Italy. Among them, there is a special mention for via della Spiga, the road that has been transformed over the years anticipating the fashions and feelings of society and, more than the other “three sisters” (via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni and Corso Venezia), is the one in which the main revolutions of thought and action. Via della Spiga is currently the protagonist of a sustainable development project that will add a new experiential “identity” to the Quadrilatero: no longer just of fashion, but also “Alias ​​quadrilatero della cultura” and “Alias ​​quadrilatero of inclusiveness and contamination”.

“The realization of the project Alias is part of Hines’ strategy to dialogue with Milan and define its future development, including ideas, enhancement of urban spaces and sustainable regeneration projects “, explains Mario Abbadessa, Senior Managing Director & Country Head of Hines Italy,” with the aim to create new creative trajectories for Milan and the Quadrilatero, a unique district synonymous with elegance, a point of attraction for citizens and national and international visitors “.

How did you work with Greta Ferro? “We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Greta”, he explains, “a young face but at the same time already aware of how much fashion, with its intuitions and ideas, has changed the meaning and history of an entire country. As an emerging Italian talent, we considered it the most suitable voice to undertake a new story that wants to inspire each of us to imagine and rewrite the future of ourselves and of the places in which we live and which we inevitably contribute to define “.

The seven-episode docufilm is available and visible from September 21st on:

Site: www.spiga26.com/alias

YT: www.spiga26.com/youtubechannel

IG: @spiga26milano

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/hines-italy



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