The Crown 5, what happens to the Crown as the world crashes into modernity

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They move like slow pawns on the chessboard the new protagonists of The Crown 5, aware of the complex mechanisms they have to interpret. There is the marriage between Diana and Carlo, arrived at the terminus, which flounders not to disappoint the many British fans of the couple. There is Philip, who has now understood the role of eternal second, alongside “Lilibet”, as he likes to call her. There is Elizabeth II, which has to deal with the passing of time, with the increasing weight, as well as the wrinkles on the face and in portraits. The Sunday Times accuses her of having Queen Victoria syndrome, that of not wanting to detach from the throne, despite the age, the ailments and the lack of modernity. For the queen, the comparison is only a luster: «Vittoria is defined as coherent, unscratchable, honest. So I want to be too ».

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Imelda Staunton is Elizabeth II in the 1990s, in The Crown 5

Photo Credit: Alex Bailey
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Meanwhile, on the screen, he breaks through the pain of Lady Diana, trapped in a world and a marriage that doesn’t belong to her. “In public we are the perfect match. Our private life is the problem, ”says Lady D., played by Elizabeth Debicki with a wealth of details, from movements on formal occasions to attitudes in intimacy and with children. The series opens with the second honeymoon of the royal couple, who want to revive their role in British society and remind the public of “the old splendor”, as Charles calls it.

The second honeymoon of Charles and Diana in The Crown 5

On background, the ruthless nineties. Those in which any structure of society is questioned, from the utility of the monarchy to real expenses. But not only. The world meets modernity and everything needs to be discussed again in order to find a new balance. Elizabeth looks old, Philip a selfish one. The government also criticizes the decisions of the Crown. From 1991 to 1997a period represented in the fifth season of the series, the monarchy changes, evolves, revolves around its pivot which is Elizabeth II, until it returns to the ancient splendor of the adoring crowds.

Source: Vanity Fair

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