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The Crown 6 and the decisive meeting between Diana and Dodi: the preview clip

One of the reasons why we were waiting for the sixth and final season of The Crown it was the way in which the Netflix series would have told the last weeks of Princess Diana’s life, a topic so delicate as to represent an insurmountable obstacle for William when watching the new episodes. After seeing them – they are available on the platform from November 16th – we can, however, say that not only did Peter Morgan do justice to Diana’s memory, but also to her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed who, from the cumbersome comparison with Diana, has always been a step below. The Crown managed to describe the rapprochement between the two – brilliantly played by Elizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdalla – with great delicacy because, beyond the media and economic interests behind their union, it is clear that it was a question of two lonely people who hoped, each in their own way, to free themselves from something bigger than themselves: Diana from the burden of being a public figure and Dodi from her father Mohammed Al Fayed’s obsessive control over her life.

Daniel Escale/Netflix

The scene of The Crown That Vanity Fair offers you a preview above represents the closest contact between the two: Dodi’s invitation to the princess to spend the summer on his yacht while William and Harry will spend the months before school at Balmoral, in their beloved Scotland. That’s the moment when everything explodes, with the paparazzi discovering their union by selling photos of the couple together for several tens of thousands of pounds, she in bright costumes and he with sunglasses, ready to seal that friendship on as quickly as possible to do something pleasing to the father. The result is some extremely compelling episodesfull of tension and pathos because if there is one thing that The Crown has always done is to tell the story of the royals through previously unpublished and apparently trivial details. From Diana’s hands that never stop staying still at his last dinner at the Ritz Hotel in Paris to Dodi’s wide-eyed eyes shortly before the fatal crash in the Alma tunnel.

Source: Vanity Fair

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