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The Crown, the first images of Lady Diana’s fatal accident arrive (with controversy)

After the first photos of Kate and William at St. Andrew’s University, from the latest series of The Crown, being worked on these weeks, the first pictures of the accident automotive that on August 31, 1997 led to the death of Lady Diana.

Lady Diana’s car rebuilt on the set of the Netflix series The Crown ©IPA.

Click Media / Dean / SplashNews.com / ipa-agency.net

The replica of the Mercedes that carried the princess and Dodi Al Fayed, on the film set of Elstree Studios, in Hertfordshire, destroyed after the crash, he soon made the rounds of the web, sparing no controversy.

The accusation that comes from many quarters is that of having willed over-dramatize the event. Secca has arrived the reply from the production of the TV series, which in recent months has stopped in Paris to reconstruct both the last moments of Diana and Dodi’s life and the investigations by the investigators after the crash. «The exact moment of impact of the accident will not be shown», they retorted, while a source close to the royal family pointed out to Daily Mail that for many it will not be pleasant to relive those moments. “I think many people will find quite Disgusting the fact that they have been so detailed to recreate how the car was destroyed. I think that it will cause much disturbance to the royal familyif it were another family I’m not sure they would do it.’

In short, little sensitivity, according to the insider near Buckingham Palace, while it is not yet clear how far the sixth season of the series will arrive. According to some rumors, it should include a period between the late 1990s and early 2000s, although the production declined to comment.

What is certain is that the closer the series gets to today, the more the controversy increases. When it was released the season 5 trailer, with the actress Elizabeth Debicki in the role of Lady Diana sitting in front of the journalist Martin Bashir for the famous interview given to the BBC, Netflix were forced to specify that it was a “imaginary dramatization”. It is not yet clear whether there will be something like this in the sixth series, however the staging of the accident will certainly awaken very painful memories in the princess’s family, especially in the two children. William and Harry, today at loggerheads after a life side by side, even in the memory of their mother.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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